Verizon to Purchase Intel Media Assets

The deal is there: as reported earlier in the press Verizon has definitively decided to buy Intel’s online video division. Verizon is looking for technology in this field given other acquisitions it recently made:

In December, Verizon announced a definitive agreement to acquire EdgeCast, an industry leader in content delivery networks. Also in fourth-quarter 2013, Verizon announced the acquisition of upLynk’s exclusive technology that streamlines the process of uploading and encoding of video for live, linear and video-on-demand content.

It seems obvious Verizon is not using the Intel platform lock stock and barrel but will only use parts of it. And here is a statement from Eric Huggers we should all try to forget as quickly as possible (can’t these professional managers just keep their mouths shut if they really have nothing to say):

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. Intel provided us with the technological know-how and resources to develop products and services that will fundamentally change the way we experience TV, and now Verizon gives us access to the marketplace and the ability to scale. It’s the next logical step, and we’re excited about the road ahead.

Verizon to Purchase Intel Media Assets.